Pre converted promotional bus

The impact of austerity and cuts on communities

The Trade Union Congress, more commonly refereed to as the TUC are coordinating 2 weeks of action to highlight the impact of austerity and cuts on communities up and down the country.

To discover the extent of the issues the TUC using one of our short term hire buses adapted inside and out for them. This bus has been fully branded on the exterior – and the austerity uncovered message will surely not be missed !

The TUC believe Britain is hurting. Too many politicians have no idea just how tough life is for the many. Prices are rising while wages are held back. Service cuts are biting hard. And getting tough on cheats is used as an excuse to cut vital benefits and tax credits for millions who have played by the rules. During this June the TUC will be traveling across the country letting people tell their own story about life in Britain today. The focus of the roadshow is for communities to present evidence on the damage they face from government cuts and wider austerity policies.

The TUC Roadshow Bus will be visiting many cities the during the next two weeks including: Dudley, Cannock, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Stockton on Tees, Sheffield, Derby,  Nottingham, Northampton, Luton, Reading, Swindon and Western Super Mare

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