3 images of the consultation bus showing public interaction and engagement

Consultation Tour for Regeneration of the Area

When plans for a static planning consultation project ran into issue Great Places Housing Group once again contacted Commbus to provide the ideal solution to their needs. The group needed to carry out a week long consultation reaching a wide community in a short time frame. They needed a flexible solution that would appeal to everyone in the area to come and get involved in this consultation on planning.

We supplied a Double Decker bus that was fitted out with display boards, work stations and chairs. The bus gave a great base for the staff to able to talk to people in the community about their ideas and suggestions for regenerating. They used the bus for direct access to the community by parking in the heart of the housing estates. To create an friendly approachable atmosphere outside they set up a gazebo, tables and chairs and refreshments, had live music and activitues for children to join in with. Great Places Housing group works in neighbourhoods all over the north of England and they develop and manage some of the best affordable housing, while also providing community support.

This tour provided Great Places Housing Group access to a wide spectrum of people who gave their opinions and suggestions on the housing options and the tour proved to be hugely beneficial when they produced the final details of the planning application of the regeneration project. They believe they reached people who would not of travelled to the local town hall or static venue in the area.

Pendleton Fc Consultation bus on the road
Team member interviewing member of the public about their thoughts on the project

Andy Bonnington of Great Places said:

“The Pendleton PFI consultation tour was the second event that I’d asked Commbus to help me deliver and, just as before, I found them to be friendly, helpful and incredibly accommodating. Their creative advice and assistance during the planning of my event was a big help and the delivery of the product was, as always, flawless. Working within very short timescales their calm and confident approach provided some welcome reassurance during a hectic planning process and on both occasions both Commbus provided a high impact solution which created the desired effect – a memorable experience. I hope and look forward to using them again.”