Back  on   the  road  with   Anglia  Ruskin

Commbus on the road again for the second year running with Anglia Ruskin University in a fully wrapped double deck exhibition bus encouraging year 12 and 13 pupils into further education with their ‘Go to uni’ Roadshow. After a successful roadshow last year the University were eager to re-book for 2012 as feedback from students and staff was very positive – the arrival of the bus was hard to miss by anyone and created an instant impact as it arrived.

This years roadshow lasted for 6 weeks and staff and student ambassadors toured the whole of East Anglia, with stops at major towns and cities including Chelmsford, Cambridge, Luton, Kings Lynn and Southend. Summer is a crucial time of year for students planning to go to university as exam results are eagerly awaited for some and for others decisions of choices of universities are made. Anglia Ruskin University are on the road for 6 days per week, stopping at schools and colleges during the weekdays and at major towns and cities on Saturdays. This year they extended the tour to co-incide with parents’ evenings when parents were invited aboard too!

Each day on board the roadshow bus there are different Student Ambassadors who discuss life at University and talk to individuals about the day to day issues they may face, answering questions and bringing their experiences to life. The downstairs of the bus is set out with desks with a suite of imacs which the students can use to browse the Anglia Ruskin Web site and the UCAS website. The upper deck of the bus is a multi purpose area where the furniture can be set for either in depth workshop groups or changed for an informal area to chat with the student ambassadors.

In addition to the talks, the staff encourage the year 12 and 13 students to play the ‘budgeting game’. This is an exercise where they are given a scenario which lists a set annual income and are asked to budget for living at University and work out their expenses, to include accommodation, books, food, mobile phone and the occasional pint of course !

The experience the students encounter on board the roadshow bus is key to the success of the tour. This year Anglia Ruskin University have provided a large ‘comments board’ for students to write their feedback about their visitor experience on large post it notes and the response has been amazing.