NHS open top bus and balloons
NHS open top bus

This weekend our Open Top Bus heads to Leeds for Leeds Pride on hire to NHS Employers.

Leeds Pride began in 2006 and is now the biggest Pride event in Yorkshire. The event takes over the city with a full programme of entertainment through the city with the highlight being the Parade.

Our Open Top Bus has been designed as an event vehicle that can carry passengers. This allows for an external public address system fitted on to the bus with ease and without the need for a generator with the bus itself providing all the power.

The bus has been decorated externally with banners designed and produced by us for the event.

Images:  Supplied by: https://twitter.com/nhsemployers 




For more details on the day please visit: http://www.nhsemployers.org/news/2014/08/nhs-employers-at-leeds-pride-2014