Landstage and Clash of Drums

We have provided services to Milton Keynes International Festival over the last 4 years and our Event Support team have been called upon once again for Clash of Drums.

Providing services to Milton Keynes International Festival

We have provided services to Milton Keynes International Festival over the last 4 years and our Event Support team have been called upon once again for Clash of Drums.

Milton Keynes is one of 12 host cities across the United Kingdom for the Rugby World Cup, with games being played at StadiumMK and the cities fan zone hosted in Campbell park.

Organisers, The Stables of the Bi Annual International Festival have been commissioned by The Parks Trust events Ltd to provide major outdoor showcase events for Rugby fans, residents and all visitors to the city.

In the spirit of the world cup they are staging an explosive and thrilling outdoor spectacular with an international collaboration.  International companies Led Commando Percu who are from France and Deabru Beltzak from the Basque region of Spain – will commence battle in the clash of Drums.  The two tribes will also be joined by eight local based pyrotechnic artist will be training alongside this, working within The Stables international development programme.

The Clash of Drums is described at “The two tribes will meet in a cataclysmic collision of fast and frenzied drumming, war like chanting, fireworks, pyrotechnics and directly dramatic moment.” The event will start on Friday from Lloyds Court and on Saturday from the fan zone in Campbell Park, the crowds will be able to follow the action as it travels around the streets of Milton Keynes towards the finale next to The Point.  The climax of the event finishes with the coming together of common energy unified by the fire!

For this event Commbus will be onsite providing the site manager and our Landstage. The Landstage will be used as the support follow up vehicle for the Clash of Drum parade leading to the finale main stage location.

Ou Landstage provides a multi functional purpose vehicle, great to have on an event site as it can accomplish many tasks, meaning you won’t need to hire several vehicles.  Our landstage is a custom built solution with a platform built on the roof and when stationary can have 4 people on.  The frame has been designed to allow fixings of lights, speakers and the like.  As branding is an important feature of all of our fleet, all sides of the frame can be used for branding.  You can brand the entire Landstage with our vehicle branding options.  We can wrap the whole body of the Land Rover also. On board our Landstage has inventor technology to allow the attached speakers or lights to be powered and not just when it is stationary – in motion too.

Our Landstage also featured towing and winching capabilities, with space onboard for storing and moving of equipment.  A uniquely designed ramp allows for the safe transfer of equipment in and out of the vehicle too.  Our Landstage is a true work horse and from hanging bunting in a Guiness world record attempt to a stage for the first ITV Britain Sings Christmas in Birmingham (and countless other events to this weeks Clash of Drums).






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