Landstage event solution

Bespoke mini movable stage

The landstage is a mini movable stage and was designed by Commbus and added to our range of mobile exhibition units as a solution for one of our clients. Our client required a safe, mobile high platform to allow them to string up meters and meters of bunting in a Guinness world record attempt. Finding something that would fit the job perfectly didn’t exist and so we went to the drawing board to come up with a solution and from this – the landstage was born and now is added to our stock of mobile exhibition units.

Versatile Event Units

The landstage developed and it was clear that it would have many other uses including:

  • A mini stage, perfect for starting rally’s and marches due to its movability and height.
  • Ideal Camera position
  • PA Commentary Box
  • Event Crowd Control station

The landstage mini stage when stationary can have up to 4 people standing on it and can be used to mount speakers and lights. For events on tight deadlines the landstage is ideal as it can be driven in and driven out within minutes.

Alongside the functional use for the landstage it has been designed so that you can also use this as a branding and advertising tool also. The frame has been created for mounting advertising banners.

Commbus’s versatile mobile exhibition units can be adapted and customised to suit an array of different situations. Contact us now with your exhibition requirements; we have the expertise and know how to deliver the ideal mobile exhibition unit solution to make your exhibition or event a complete success.