Sometimes for some projects the unusual and unique is the only answers! Our landstage is a mobile mini platform based stage. This is a one off creation that was the solution for a client who was in search of a answer to his problem. Hours of searching on the internet and nothing had been found, our client rang us and explained what he needed to do (which was to hang miles and miles of bunting from lamp posts for a Guinness world record attempt). The vehicle had to be the correct height but still have the flexibility of movement. We went to the drawing board and from there – the landstage was born.

After using The landstage for this first application we developed the concept further as we could see that it become a multi use vehicle within our fleet.


The landstage is now used for:

  • A mini stage, perfect for starting rally’s and marches due to its movability and height.
  • Platform stage for promotional campaigns
  • Camera position on location
  • Event Crowd Control station

As a portable stage it can be moved quickly and can be used in multiple positions and places during a project or campaign.

External branding is a key feature with in our fleet and the landstage is no exception. At the heart of the design of the landstage was the frame as a branding area. Material outdoor banners can be attached to all four sides of the frame, so not only is the landstage is a practicable solution it is also great advertising tool.