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The International Festival Festival Milton Keynes is a cultural and arts festival spanning the city over 10 consecutive days. A festival with multi sites and activities, performances and a spectacular finale.  ‘All sorts of unpredictable happenings popping up in unexpected places. What other metropolis in Britain could give you such a feast of cutting edge culture?’ The Times

(quotation taken from 2014 festival web site)


Products and Services:

On location Office Bus

Event Office Trailer

Event Storage Trailers

Event Site Manager


Commbus Solution:

Commbus provided services for the International Festival for the 2012 and 2014 festival.

One of the headline performance pieces for the festival was Under the Vaulted Sky, created by award winning choreographer Rosemary Lee. Over 100 dancers and musicians made up from people from across the region walked the audience on a journey around the beautiful location know as the Cathedral of Trees which was modelled on the architectural footprint of Norwich Cathedral.

A fabulous performance space, that no infrastructure, our events team provided facilities including event trailer storage and our event trailer for the performance to take place and all the back stage facilities required for putting on such a piece.

With a range of indoor performances from music, to comedy to the amazing aerial acrobatics from International performers Casus in the Speigletent at the South Willen Lakes. Our On Location Bus provided the perfect facility for a production office for the Speigletent management crew and festival site manager (also provided by Commbus) on the lower deck, while the upper deck was used by artists for their dressing room.

A range of Event Support vehicles and personal supplied for the behind the scenes production of an amazing multi site festival.


Simon Byford the Production Manager for IF Festival said:

Mark Clark and his team at Commbus have worked on many of the events I have been involved with over the years. They have been a huge support to me and the events I have been involved with, in a variety of ways.

For music festivals Commbus have organised and run all the traffic management for Artsfest in Birmingham, Larmer Tree Festival in Dorset- Wiltshire borders. There professional attitude and excellent understanding of Health and safety have served them very well in delivering robust systems of traffic Management.

Commbus have also supplied many of our events with busses ranging from World Music Day in Guildford for the Surrey County Show to Japan in the Park at Hyde Park as well as many years of supplying busses for dressing rooms and green room facilities at Artsfest in Birmingham where they housed many different artist including the CBSO, Birmingham Royal Ballet many local Bands and dignitaries.

Commbus have served our events with their mobile office unit which has been used as a lighting control centre, event control and such like for a variety of events throughout the UK.

Commbus don’t just do busses, they do events and happen to have some fabulous busses that they will adapt and use in a huge range of roles. Likewise their personnel are so adaptable to anything thrown at them.

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