‘Marching for a future that works’

Our Event Support Services were on site in London on Saturday for “Marching for a future that works 20 10 2012”. More than 150,000 people came to London to march again austerity and for a future that works. Thousands more marched the streets of Glasgow and Belfast too !

In London our Our Open Top Bus was positioned in Piccadilly and was used as a stage. We also supplied a PA System on board for addressing to the crowds who marched along past.

With a short set up time for the organisers to get the event infrastructure in place our open top bus is ideal as temporary stage – it can drive straight into position when its required, switch of the engine and its ready for action. The informal seating layout on the bus means that unlike standard passenger carrying open top buses all the team and press could safely and securely be positioned on the upper deck. Just as easily as the open top bus drove into position it can be driven out at the close of the event and the streets of London can return quickly to normal !

Our passenger carrying side to the business was also action on Saturday transporting police officers and other TUC members from the West Midlands down to London for the march and then safely home again.