Closer 65 Carnival in Central London

We are very excited to announce that today (Sunday 2nd June) we are supplying a range of event support service for the Closer 65 Carnival in Central London.

Closer to Israel is the umbrella for a programme of year-round grass roots activities and the main event to bring the British and Jewish communities Closer to Israel.The community will celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel with an exciting outdoor central event, on June 2nd. This will be a vibrant and entertaining street parade in Central London representing the diversity and spirit that makes our community, followed by the coming together of parade participants, spectators and supporters, for a celebratory finale.

For the parade we are supplying 8 open top buses, our very own land stage and two custom designed and built floats with costumed performers. The floats are the masterpieces of the very talented ladies at Vortex Creates. Our first float features and beautiful night sky line and the second a bedouin delight with a life size camel ! Now affectionately know to us all as Camila !

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