A selection of images for the roadshow bus for East Midlands Trains

East Midlands Trains came to us for a solution for them to be able to carry out their annual awareness events for their employees. The wanted to be able to reach their teams at their stations and depots across the country in the areas they operate in.

At East Midlands Trains, for the last few years we have held annual awareness events for employee using a stripped out double-decker bus.  This year was the first time we made use of a purpose-designed vehicle from Commbus. 

 The vehicle provided allowed us to significantly improve the quality of our presentation and delivery of information for the people who visited.  The flexible layout of the vehicle allowed us to create themed ‘zones’ of the bus.  This, coupled with the flexibility to mount posters, banners and other information on panels meant that we could easily tailor the bus interior to meet our needs.

Image of Exhibition Bus for East Midlands Trains
Interior shot of internal information on East Midlands Trains vehicle

In previous years we have suffered from hot or cold weather making life on the vehicle at times very uncomfortable. The provision of heating and air-conditioning made the bus feel comfortable throughout our 2-week event.  The availability of a constant power supply also meant that we could use a greater variety of presentation materials including video and interactive displays.

The feedback we received from our employees who visited the bus was that it was a significant improvement on previous years.  Engagement was  also improved through the ability to present in a variety of different media, rather than the simple poster displays we had used before. During the 2-week event, the team at Commbus were very helpful and supportive.  As well as bringing the vehicle ready-prepared to our specifications, at each location they would help set up the vehicle for the day and were always available to help with any queries or additional requests.

Overall, this year’s event with the Commbus.com vehicle was a noticeable improvement on previous years.

Mark Curtis, Internal Communications Manager, East Midlands Trains