CAMPAIGN: Engagement for employers and young people

National Apprenticeship Services wanted a sleek and professional Roadshow bus that could visit both potential employers who were interested in employing apprentices and young people who wanted to know more about what apprenticeships were available and how to apply.


We have been involved in several campaigns for the National Apprenticeship Service across different regions of the United Kingdom and while each project may have had different goals and been directed at different target markets one element that has remained the same is there use of one of our promotional buses.

We worked closely with the planning teams from National Apprenticeship Services on all of there projects and after the successful first tour carried out they were very keen to look at how using the promotional bus could be applied across the organisation across a range of campaigns.

One of the key areas we identified with them was to position the bus differently when reaching out to there to 2 key audiences of employers and young people.

When reaching out to employers they have used external graphics using the corporate branding with images of careers and professions and showcasing the benefits that Apprentices can bring to companies.

When planning tours that were focusing on engaging with young people they changed the style of the external branding to appeal more to their target marketing with grattii style graphics with hard hitting phases and words that would make generation Z stop and take a look.

Studies have shown that 77 % of generation Z want brands to reach out to them and are more like to engage with them after such interaction.

The internal styling of the bus was also adapted to suit the end user of the project. With roadshows that were aimed at young people a suite of computers were installed with internet access so they could get on board and see in real time the job positions available to them, from the experts on board they could gain valuable knowledge and experience in applying for positions and updating their cv’s.

For projects aimed at business owners and managers an informal area was created on the lower deck of the bus where people dome come on board and find out more about Apprenticeships in general.

On the upper deck a series of meetings areas were created where more in-depth discussions could take place.

For an organisation like National Apprentice Service to be able to use the same marketing tool to get their message to two very different audiences shows the flexibility a promotional bus offers.

Marketing Team Marketing Bus
National Apprenticeships External Bus Branding


Rob Boreham-Fish, Employer Account Adviser said;

“I have now been involved in two Apprenticeship campaigns with Commbus and each time I have found the level of service from Commbus to be exceptionally good. I would happily recommend Commbus to anyone looking for their next marketing campaign.  I have been extremely impressed with the level of support at Commbus in arranging the bus and the external graphics before the event.  The drivers are also fantastically helpful on the event days and very professional”.

We are currently in the process of booking a third campaign with Commbus and I look forward to working with Commbus for years to come.”

National Apprenticeships External Bus Branding
Mayor Promotional Buses
Team On Board National Apprenticeships

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